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Saturday 19th June 2021:  Returning to Health

Taking time to set up a healthier future for body and mind

After the intense experience we have all shared since March 2020 we now have an opportunity to re-focus on our mental, emotional and physical health.  We can now work to empower ourselves, to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves down!  Its time to take a deep breath and move forward into a healthier future.  Our health is not in the hands of the Government, the NHS or the Media – its also in our own hands!!!  This year’s annual Yoga Workshop will look to address this. We will work together to develop a roadmap to better health mentally, emotionally and physically.  Teaching key points that are absolutely relevant to our lives today but drawing on centuries’ old teachings from the Yogic Tradition, you will have the chance to re-set, re-new and re-start.  There will be no judgement, no criticism, no worries and no expectations – just an open and productive workshop session.

The Workshop will run from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Longthorpe Village Hall and will cost £40.  There will be only 12 places.  Please book and pay in advance.


  • 60-minute yoga asana practise
  • Mental Health – Yoga Teachings on types of thoughts, learning to choose the direction of your thoughts – The Kleshas and overcoming Samskaaras.  
  • Emotional Health – recognising the role of emotion in our well-being.  How an emotion can influence mental and physical health.  Using Pranayama and meditation techniques to learn how to use our emotions in a healthier way.  
  • Physical Health – Common physical ailments and issues to arise since March 2020 and how to work to improve them using yoga.  Identifying the issues and either resolving them or learning how to manage them.
    1. Postural issues,
    2. Dietary issues,
    3. Stress and anxiety created issues.

Please bring a yoga mat, belt, block and blanket, water bottle, face mask, notebook and pen/pencil.

This workshop will be led by Sara Wellham with support from 3 student yoga teachers: Justine Spires, Laura Saunders and Kelly Swingler.