Aqua Yoga provides an opportunity to practice balance and strengthening in an environment where falling over is no big deal! The buoyancy provided by the water allows people the chance to move their bodies in ways that may not yet be possible for them to do safely on dry land. This helps to build confidence and stability, as well as flexibility - making it a great way to recover following an injury, too.

Floating 'noodles' are used to help build strength and mobility - as pulling the noodles through the water provides resistance training in a similar way to resistance band work. The noodles also provide an opportunity to rediscover your inner child! Aqua Yogis are encouraged to splash around whilst using the noodles to practice floating.

Aqua Yoga will teach you that, when you're supported, it's ok to have a wobble, fall over, and make a splash - and that resilience is built in the act of getting back up and trying again.

AquaYoga classes are currently offered at Club Moativation at the Holiday Inn, Peterborough on Wednesdays at 10 am, 11:15 am and 6:15 pm.