(Slow Down And) Catch Your Breath

In December 2019 we published our first CD/Download!  "{Slow Down and} Catch Your Breath" has 6 Relaxations/meditations which have been devised and drawn from a variety of traditions and philosophies.  They range from 7 mins to 15 mins in length, so you can pick whatever suits your time as well as your mood!  There's also a seventh (bonus) track featuring Sabrina Wellham singing the haunting American Folk Song, "Shenandoah".
For information on how to order the CD (£10) or the Download (£8) please contact Sara at sara.wellham@gmail.com or call 07793554801.

Track Listing:

  1. Total Body and Breath Relaxation (11:58)
  2. Mindful Breath Meditation (07:19)
  3. Ancient Oak Energising Chakras (13:04)
  4. Sama Vritti Variation - square breathing (12:47)
  5. Beach Escape (11:56)
  6. Nurturing Your Anahata Chakra Through Loving Kindness (15:17)
  7. (Bonus Track) Shenandoah (Trad) sung by Sabrina Wellham (1:30)