Yoga in Schools

Yoga can be a wonderful tool for schools.  It is claimed that yoga can help in building strength, stability, balance, co-ordination, body confidence and even test results!

Benefits of yoga for children:

  • Yoga helps to improve strength and flexibility
  • Yoga increases concentration, focus and attention
  • Kid's yoga increases self-esteem
  • Yoga decreases anxiety and increases the ability to relex 
  • Yoga increases trust, compassion, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Yoga helps digestion and eases tummy pains
  • Yoga helps children to release stress and breathe well
  • Yoga is said to strengthen the immune system

I offer workshops of half or full days of yoga for schools that are interested.  These may be followed up by the opportunity to set up after-school yoga classes.

GCSE PE - New for 2014 - 6 week GCSE yoga module now available for delivery to schools.  This programme fully fits in with the National Curriculum for the PE GCSE qualification and has already been successfully taught at The Peterborough School.  The Yoga option for the PE GCSE introduces yoga to complete beginners and instructs on a variety of different postures and practises including flow/sequence yoga and also compliments the Anatomy section of the course inluding the teaching of all postures using correct anatomical terms.  A useful addition for any athlete looking to improve performance, help with avoiding injuries and increase strength and stamina.

Please contact me for details of rates and availability.

Please see the links page for newspaper articles about school children and yoga.