Class Descriptions

In the same way YOGA has evolved from an Indian tradition into our own culture, our classes are named using familiar words which also have an Indian origin.  We've redefined our classes for the Post-Covid world...


Raja Yoga

This class is for those of you who deserve to be treated like royalty!  So this class will have plenty of options as we go along - giving you the chance to challenge yourself further or accept your body and mind as they are and relish all that you can do rather than worrying about what you can't.  We'll focus on improving strength and balance while understanding more about stabilising and supporting joints.

Karma Yoga

You deserve to feel calm and de-stressed! This class is by candlelight, but will still give you that all-over yoga experience.  Expect to experience different themes every week as we explore our yoga practise.

Typhoon Yoga

A whirlwind of a class!  This 30 minute, Zoom-only class is particularly for those of you who are working from home.  Giving you the chance to step away from your desk (or dining table!) for a robust series of postures and sequences to re-invigorate and stretch out your body.  Your brain will thank you for this short distraction and you can return to your work refreshed and ready to face the afternoon.

Pyjama Yoga

Finding it hard to switch off and prepare for sleep?  Is your mind rampaging around untamed?  Are your limbs fidgety and uncomfortable?  Join us every Thursday evening for a deep chill-out session on Zoom.  Some weeks we'll take a whole hour to practise a Yoga Nidra, others we'll settle in for some Yin Yoga or maybe use some Reiki.  Teddy Bears are optional...

Hatha Yoga

This is a more traditional yoga class.  We'll be going back to basics to learn yoga postures, sequences, breathing techniques and meditations.  Suitable for beginners and those who want to improve their practise.  Over the weeks we'll explore the different parts of our anatomy and how everything works together holistically physically, mentally and emotionally.